It's safe to say fast-food workers in West Alabama don't get enough credit. This Northport employee deserves a raise plus more!

With a recent COVID-19 surge and companies already dealing with a shortage of workers, staffing has become a major issue. You really see the quality of the people you have employed when they have their backs up against the wall.

Imagine you're a fast-food worker and it's the height of the lunch hour rush. Not only is the line wrapped around the corner, but there is no one else in the restaurant with you. Could you imagine?!

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According to this Facebook post, that's exactly what happened at this Northport Taco Bell. the most amazing part about this story is that the lone employee handled it all with a smile!

"Shout to this guy who's working the taco bell in Northport by himself in the middle of lunch hour!!" The post read, "Yes the line was backed up all the way around but yall he was cooking making drinks and taking orders in the drive through and for the inside!!!"


The man, identified as Joshua Smith, has been gaining local attention for his hard work and positive attitude. Northport Councilman Jeff Hogg even took the time to salute his efforts.

A similar story took place at a KFC earlier this month. Many are beginning to wonder how this could continually happen at area establishments.

Regardless of the cause and how it happened, we can take the time now to salute Joshua for his positive attitude and service with a smile.

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