Northport Mayor Bobby Herndon and other city officials are teaming up this month to assist the family of a local firefighter whose son is battling cancer.

Raffle tickets are currently being sold in various locations throughout Tuscaloosa County to raise money for the young boy's medical expenses.

Mayor Herndon announced the news in a Facebook post to bring awareness to the special cause earlier in April.

Check out Herndon's Facebook post below.

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Herndon spoke with the Tuscaloosa Thread about the inspiration behind the raffle tickets and where supporters could purchase them in the Tuscaloosa and Northport area.

"It's a good cause--His dad [the Northport firefighter] is one of my children's age and I've been around him most of his life," Herndon said. "So, it's a bad situation, but if anybody wants to help out the proceeds will go directly to that family."

Herndon said the $10 raffle tickets can be purchased at any Northport Fire Rescue station, at his personal surveying office and at Ingram Farms in Northport.

Herndon said a drawing will be held on May 29, where various prizes will be granted to ticket holders including a $1,000 cash prize.

Northport Battalion Chief Richard Brown said he hopes the community will rally around this family during an impossibly difficult time.

"The firefighters all basically got together because long story short, the insurance is not covering some of the treatments that the boy is getting," Brown said. "And the treatments that he's getting are extremely expensive. We're trying to raise money that will help pay for, or at least [assist] in paying for the treatments that the insurance won't cover."

"[To have someone who works as a first responder,] who is having this difficulty and having to go through something that nobody wants to go through, with a boy who is in the prime of his life and having such a detrimental thing happen — I think it's incredible to see the community reach out and unify on something like this," Brown added.

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