Well, at least this event takes place during October!

At Six Flags in St. Louis, a contest will be held that will test your limits in terms of being in enclosed spaces. Taking place during their annual Fright Fest celebration, contestants will be challenged to stay in a coffin. However that seems simple enough right? Well, the next caveat might scare people away.

According to Huffpost, participants will be required to stay in the coffin for 30 hours! Yes, a day and 6 hours in a coffin. Now while this seems daunting, Six Flags will provide food, and will give a 6 minute bathroom break each hour. If you last the whole entire 30 hours, you could win $300! However, if multiple people get through the challenge, they'll raffle the money between the winners.

Hey, at least you get to use your phone the entire time!

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