Hopefully people don't this often, but this still a really funny way to pay alimony.

A man in Indonesia had to make a hefty payment to his ex-wife. Over nine years of financial neglect was needed to wiped away. The amount? Over 155 million Indonesian Rupiahs! That translates to about $10,000 USD! So now, the man has to pay, otherwise he could end up in even hotter water. So how does this individual pay this huge amount?

Well, according to The Jakarta Post, he paid in an unexpected fashion. He brought all the money he needed to pay off the debt, however he brought bags of coins! That's right, to have the last laugh, he brought the entire amount in coins. An argument actually broke out over this, as the ex-wife didn't want take all the coins home!

Well one thing's for sure, he at least paid the debt off!

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