So let me share a little bit of personal things with you!

If you've ever met me, I've always been a huge fan of marching bands. I marched in both high school and in the University of Alabama Million Dollar Band. One of things I've definitely wanted to do was take the lessons I was taught throughout my marching career and pass them on to a new group of marchers. Thankfully, I'm allowed to do that thanks to a good friend.

I met Marcus Montgomery, the new band director at the high school, while in the MDB. He was gracious enough to let me, for one week, be the student's marching tech. Teaching them how to improve their marching technique, as well as make sure that good habits were being built, so they don't look out of place on the field during halftime.

While starting out is never easy, these young band members have shown great marching ability, and are poised to do great things this season. If you happen to see the Northside band this year, watch out!

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