Well, certainly an interesting reason for a car chase.

In Brooklyn, Ohio, authorities chased a SUV that was speeding. The car in question was going over 70 miles per hour at one point, and putting many in danger. Eventually, the SUV crashed and officers converged on the vehicle. However police found the driver to be an 11 year old, and unharmed, save for a few scratches.

As with everything that we do, there was a reason for this erratic driving. NBC News reports that the unidentified young child took the car because his mother took his Playstation. The mother took his game console, which upset him, so in response he took his mom's car after she retired to go to sleep for the night. The father, who was out in the town, saw him driving and immediately called his wife to alert her of the situation.

This isn't the first time the child has stolen his parents car however, he has done it 2 previous times. Police are currently trying to press charges.

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