Fair warning, this is kind of a silly story.

In Kansas City, an event was held talking about cancer prevention. One of the biggest attractions at the event was an inflatable colon, which described the health risks of colon cancer. While many laughed at it, many also saw it as a landmark of the event. Unfortunately, very recently it was stolen by an unknown individual. Sitting in the back of truck, someone pilfered the item and ran off. Immediately a search began for the missing inflatable.

Luckily, the Associated Press reports that the inflatable colon was found! Officers received a tip as to where it was, and it was found quickly. The police even tweeted about the recovery. Funny thing is, due to many donating money to the organization after the the inflatable's disappearance, 2 new inflatable colons were purchased.

So now Kansas City has 3 inflatable colons to use!

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