Donald Trump, Herschel Walker, Steve Young, Doug Flutie and Reggie White.

Remember those names?

What do they have in common?

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Not much, you might say. True.

However, in 1983-1985 they were personalities involved in the U.S.F.L.

The United States Football League.

A spring league designed to give football starved fans something to eat during the offseason.

The U.S.F.L. is significant for several things in the history of modern football in America. For example, the league signed three straight Heisman Trophy winners.

Herschel Walker, Doug Flutie and running back Mike Rozier signed with the U.S.F.L. in consecutive seasons after winning the top award in college football.

This time around, Fox Sports owns the league. They have committed close to $200 million over the next three years to the league for operational expenses.

The big news?

The Birmingham Stallions are BACK

It's possible that every USFL game in 2022 is played in Alabama.

The league likes the idea after seeing the NBA have success during the initial Covid-19 upheaval.

Of course, the Birmingham Stallions were founded in 1982 and played in the United States Football League for three seasons in the 1980's.

Do you remember the original owner?

Cincy business magnate Marvin Warner. The coach was Rollie Dotsch who played in the NFL for the Green Bay Packers, New England Patriots and Pittsburgh Steelers.

He was 36-18 and led the team to the 1984 Eastern Conference Title game.

Imagine having every single game in Birmingham, Alabama.

This would mean Birmingham would be responsible for housing the players at a cost of around $15 million.

The games would be played at Protective Stadium and Legion Field.

So, pro football is really coming back to Alabama.

Plenty of it this spring. This story continues to develop, we will keep you posted.


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