One of Atlanta's newest prolific pass catchers might be thinking of a new team to play football for. Calvin Ridley, the Falcons first overall draft pick at 26th in 2018, has been away from football since Halloween. Ridley stepped away from the field to focus on his mental well-being.

Since leaving to focus on himself, many have wondered what the future for Ridley is. Currently, as it stands, the wide receiver hasn't said much since his statement and not many know what his current situation. However, things may be beginning to pick up, as rumors are starting to surface that Ridley may be done playing football, at least in Atlanta.

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No one from either the Falcons or Ridley himself has said anything about the possibility of trade at this time. And if Ridley were to leave the Falcons would lose both Julio Jones and Calvin Ridley in back-to-back years. Ridley said at the beginning of the season he felt no pressure to replace Julio.

If Ridley were to leave Atlanta, it would be a huge hole for the franchise to replace. Ridley set records when he first stepped onto the field for the Falcons.

He holds the records for most receiving touchdowns by a rookie in Falcons' franchise history with ten and is tied the NFL record for touchdowns in the first four weeks of a rookie season with four.

Only time will tell if Ridley truly wants to go to another team, or if this is just simply hearsay.

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