Robbie Williams may have triumphed over neighbor Jimmy Page in his long-running bid to build an underground swimming pool in his house, but if a new story is to be believed, Williams is taking quite a victory lap. He's reportedly been trolling Page by loudly playing other '70s rock legends and dressing up as Robert Plant.

According to the Telegraph, another neighbor, going only by the name of Johnny, wrote to the Kensington and Chelsea Council Planning Committee to inform them of Williams' actions. "The committee may not have been aware that Robbie Williams has been playing loud 70's rock music on outside speakers when he views Jimmy Page outside his home,” he wrote. "What's been most annoying is that Mr. Williams has played rock arch rival bands Black Sabbath, Pink Floyd and Deep Purple. He obviously knows this upsets Mr. Jimmy Page. There have also been some reports that Robbie Williams has dressed up to imitate iconic Led Zeppelin frontman and lead singer Robert Plant.”

Last month, Williams, after having tried for five years, was granted permission to build the pool after Page had long objected on the grounds that the construction could potentially damage the foundations of Tower House, the historic 1875 mansion where Page has lived since 1972. However, the committee is requiring Williams to assure them that vibration levels and ground movement will be carefully checks. They also suggested that Page and Williams meet face-to-face to come to some sort of agreement, which Page's publicist told the Telegraph has not yet happened.

Through a spokesperson, Williams has denied the claims, calling them "a complete fabrication and nonsense."

1/16 UPDATE: Cracked doubts the veracity of the original story. They note that registering a complaint with the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea Council simply requires filling out a form on its website, and one doesn't even need to be a resident of the area to do so. The complainant, who went by the name of "Johnny," did not provide an address even though a reply via the mail was requested.


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