‘Rona Grab & Go Bag

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In the world of the coronavirus pandemic, it seems like we need to be prepared more than ever.  Many people are still working from home, but some have transited back into their workplaces.  School is the same way.  However, I found that more of us are starting to venture out, including myself.

I have a ‘Rona grab & go bag in my car at all times because not every place I have visited is up to my standards of keeping things sanitized.  I will be honest; I’ve kept most of these items in my car even before the COVID-19 pandemic because I’m somewhat of a clean freak.  Feel free to judge.  [insert laughter]

Also, you can add other items to your ‘Rona grab & go bag if you are diagnosed with COVID-19 and need to quarantine.  You might not be able to get these in advance of your diagnosis, but it’s good to have an idea of what you might need.

Let’s be sure we are still practicing social distancing of six feet, washing our hands frequently, avoid touching your face, disinfect frequently touched areas, wearing a mask, and making smart decisions.

'Rona Grab & Go Bag

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