Do your kids know how to read a clock?  Or a watch?  Not a digital clock, the analog clock with hands and the numbers 1-2.

Schools in London are starting to remove analog clocks from classrooms because students can't read the time. The teachers union says children are so used to using digital devices that they aren't familiar with analog clocks. The decision was made to remove them after it was determined that they caused "unnecessary stress" during exams.

According to, it's not just in the U.K..  A 2017 survey in Oklahoma City found that only 1-in-10 children in the city between the ages of 6-12 owned a watch. Of that number, only 1-in-5 knew how to read the analog watches.

So will U.S. schools soon start removing analog clocks from classrooms too?  Or maybe schools could teach kids how to read the clocks instead.


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