You don't have to go back more than a few years to see some major changes around the city of Tuscaloosa. The University of Alabama continues to explode with growth and the downtown area is expanding every year. Leave for any amount of time and something will look different when you return.

It's always really interesting to go back and see the evolution of the city, especially downtown because the changes in transportation have impacted the layout of the area. No where is that seen more than the restaurant 301 Bistro. The former train station was an event space before becoming the bistro and beer garden it is now, but it's hard to imagine train tracks running across Greensboro Avenue.

That's why I thought it was really cool when the restaurant shared a picture from more than 100 years ago that shows what the building looked like in the early 1900s.


It's pretty amazing to see that the original building hasn't changed much over such a long period of time. If you've ever been inside the restaurant, you'll notice so many details and features from that time period. It's neat to have that piece of history right in the middle of the city.

If you have any other old pictures from around town, we'd love to see them. Send them to us through our free app. 

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