Did you know you could make up to $600 per day from the privacy of your own home without a college degree?

*record scratch*

It’s ok.  Go back and read that sentence again: up to $600 per day from home with no degree.

Yep! Heard that, too!  Everybody with college degrees with a collective “What the…”

Yeah, we’re mind readers over here.

Anyway, this isn’t a recruitment article.  However, if it captured one person’s interest, surely there are others who want to know what they may or may not be missing. Right?

Okay, so here are the details…

Once again, I was online minding my own business (most likely not) when I decided to log onto Indeed.com to see what jobs are available in my area…. And honestly, to see if my job was listed. Hahahaha!  Look, my pastor used to tell us all the time that if you can’t be honest, you can’t be saved. So, I’m just being honest.

Don’t act like I’m the only one.  If you’re one of two managers at your place of employment and then you see that your job is hiring for a manager when you know there are only two manager positions, oh you’re gonna have some questions!


I’m scrolling along, and I see a few listings for tutors. Now, because I’m always looking for a new stream of income, this captured my interest.  I mean, I do offer tutoring to people who need it, but I’ve never made $100 a day from it, never mind six times that amount.

So, I sit and read every last one of the listings from TUTR. Lo and behold I come upon one that says that you can be a current student and that the job is open to applicants who do not have a college diploma.

Now, let me help you out:  You finished high school, may or may not have started college, but you’re not dumb by a long shot.  Go and enroll in an online course or two of your own, do your classes, sit at your kitchen table if you must and become a tutor!

Whether you actually make $600 a day is something you'll have to work out with TUTR and yourself.  Click here for more information.

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