As the NFL Draft quickly approaches, trades and releases happen quickly. Teams are looking to fill the holes at whatever position the team needs. Players in the league could end up wearing another team's jersey if the contract or trade package is right.

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Jalen Hurts, who was named the starting quarterback in his second year with the Eagles, was at the center of social media conversation Saturday. Josina Anderson first tweeted the following:

This was followed by reports that Hurts had removed "Philidelphia Eagles QB" from his Twitter bio:

He also allegedly changed his location to Houston, Texas. This led to many wondering why Hurts would make that move, and many began to wonder what the circumstances of the removal:

However, Eagles fans began to wonder if this was true, and then many began to debunk the rumor that the change ever occurred:

Jalen Hurts' agent, Nicole Lynn finally put a rest to the rumors with a simple statement:

Hurts' Quarterback coach also chimed in:

So currently, it doesn't seem like Jalen Hurts is going to be traded to another NFL team. He never had "Philadelphia Eagles QB" in his Twitter bio. Many wondered if this change on his Instagram, but it seems that rumor has also been debunked as well.

Jalen Hurts in his first season as the starting quarterback led the Eagles to a playoff appearance in the wild card round, losing to the Buccaneers 31-15.

It appears despite rampant speculation, Jalen Hurts remains with the Eagles.

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