A new meat & three restaurant is coming to Tuscaloosa's Strip, but the planned "ghost restaurant" will be quite unlike anything else in the area.

Ryan Privette, the general manager of Philly Boyz Cheesesteaks, said he and owner Craig Scott plan to open the new concept, named Lucy's Old Country Cooking, in early October.

As a ghost restaurant, though, the new meat & three will not have a standalone brick-and-mortar dining space. The idea is to operate Lucy's out of Philly Boyz, using the kitchen space and equipment to offer a new menu without having to lease a new building.

Privette said Lucy's will primarily serve customers through third-party delivery options like Waitr and Crimson2Go, bringing outstanding country cooking to the area around campus.

He said there will be a different special every day Monday through Friday, drawn from a menu that features pot roast, chicken and dumplings, fried catfish, hamburger steak and more, with sides including fried okra, turnip greens, fried green tomatoes, sweet potato casserole.

Privette and Scott have not set their prices yet, but you can preview their menu online here.

You can also come check out Lucy's table at the 2019 Bacon Brew & Que October 5th in Government Plaza.

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