For the Golden Globes, it was dressing all in black, and for the Grammys it's wearing white roses, but no matter the color, it's empowering to watch the Time's Up movement continue to gain support throughout both the film and music communities.

The organization, which was founded by over 300 Hollywood actresses, female writers, directors, producers, agents and executives, is infiltrating the music industry with its strong message of fighting systematic sexual harassment in the workplace.

Members of the Time's Up movement wrote a letter to allies in the music community, urging them to don a white rose to this year's ceremony.

“As we are inspired by the #timesup campaign, we are encouraging the artists that we work with and our colleagues attending the 60th Annual Grammy Awards in New York City to wear a white rose to the ceremony on Sunday, January 28th,” the letter reads. “We choose the white rose because historically it stands for hope, peace, sympathy and resistance."

It continues: “Please join us in support of equal representation in the workplace, for leadership that reflects the diversity of our society, workplaces free of sexual harassment and a heightened awareness of accountability that our sisters started on January 1st and continued through the Golden Globes and onward.”

Keep your eyes peeled for white roses when the awards ceremony airs live on Sunday, January 28. Hopefully there will be too many to count.

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