While we're still awaiting an official announcement about what is presumed to be the release of Steve Perry's first solo album in nearly 25 years, it's possible that one of its reported songs, "No Erasin'," has already leaked.

A page for Traces, believed to be the record's name, has appeared on iTunes' Japan store, where you can hear a preview, for pre-order, with a release date of Oct. 5. In addition to the title and release date, the track listing and cover art are exactly the same as what was found on (and then removed from) Amazon earlier today.

A Twitter user with the screenname of @greatbluelove has embedded a two-minute-and-20-second preview of the song. You can listen to it below, assuming the tweet has not been taken down since we published this story.

News about Perry's return picked up yesterday with the launch of a new website and newly verified official social media accounts, with the phrase "I know it's been a long time comin'..." The last solo album from the former Journey frontman was 1994's For the Love of Strange Medicine, and his final effort with Journey was Trial By Fire in 1996.

He's been talking about the album for several years, and had hoped to put it out last year. The songs, he said, were inspired by the 2013 death of his girlfriend. "I met someone and I fell in love with this person," he said. "And I lost this person to breast cancer four years ago. In the midst of that, I had written some songs, and before I met her I had sketched some. And so about a year ago, I started recording."

Perry's ex-Journey bandmate, Neal Schon, has given the song his seal of approval. Mitch Lafon tagged both him and us in a retweet of @greatbluelove's original tweet. "Thanks Mitch. He sounds great," Schon wrote.

iTunes Japan
iTunes Japan


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