Stevie Nicks said the most important part of her second induction into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame was that she was the first woman to achieve the honor.

When she takes her place in the class of 2019 next March, she’ll be recognized for her solo career, after being inducted as a member of Fleetwood Mac in 1998. She’ll also become the 23rd person to be listed twice.

“Well, that’s probably the biggest part of it,” Nicks told Rolling Stone in a new interview. She added, “My biggest hope is that I have opened the door due to the fact that there’s 22 men who have gone in twice and zero women. I think that’s really a little off balance. That’s what I’m hoping, that what’s happened here to me will give all the little rock and roll stars that are just waiting out there a little hope that they can also do what I do.”

Noting that, having reached the age of 70, it had taken a “long time” to achieve her double induction, she predicted, “maybe because of this it won’t take so long for all the other incredibly talented women that I know and that I respect and that I listen to and that I’m friends with.”

Nicks said she’d spoken to the three sisters of Haim, telling them, “Okay, now I’ve opened the door for you. Now each one of you need to go do a solo album really fast and get your solo [career]s going, so in the next 20 years you’ll be able to do this too … maybe I’ve opened the doors to all the girls in my life that sing and write and play and are amazing.”

Describing the wide range of female artists she knew as “a house full of daughters,” she continued, “I still have so much I want to do and they have so much they want to do. It’s like we have a mutual admiration society that goes on after every one of these, especially the last shows, whether they are my shows or Fleetwood Mac shows. That’s what I’m mostly happy about.”

Nicks added that, while she was feeling emotional about the honor, she wouldn’t feel “weepy” until about a month before the ceremony when she turned her thoughts towards “what I’m going to say and what I’m going to do.” She said she already had some thoughts about the big night, but continued, “I don’t want to hex it before I make my final decision and talk to some people about it. I want to make the right decision and I want this to be really perfect. But this is a great group of people to be going in with. I’m thrilled about that.”


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