Summer Camp Introduces Kids To Native American Arts & Culture

One of the joys of summer for both parents and kids is the excitement of summer camps.  The summer camps that I enjoyed while being a kid in South Florida were music, art, and field trip camps.  As much as I loved music camp, I was able to be involved musically all year long.  The art and field trip camps during the summer were the most exciting for me.  Art camp released my creative side while the field trip camps exposed me to new ideas and cultures.  My favorite camp was going to Jungle Island in Miami, Florida, because I learned about animals from across the globe.  My parents really took time out to put me in situations where I learned about others, to expose me to life outside of South Florida.

I found a great summer camp that exposes kids to Native American Arts and Culture.  It is the Virtual Indian Summer Day Camp with the Moundville Archaeological Park, which will take place July 13 – 17, 2020, registration is open until July 11, 2020, and tuition is $45 per child.  According to the Moundville Archaeological Park, “with the Virtual Indian Summer Day Camp, your kids will be introduced to Native American Arts and Culture, learn different techniques, and expand their creativity and artistic ability in a judgment-free learning space!”  I was checking out the schedule, and it looks like it will be so much fun. Kids will enjoy Gourd Painting, Pottery Making, Cordage, beaded bracelets, shell necklace, Three Sisters-planting, and dream catchers.  Listen, I want to sign up myself.

(Source) For more about this summer camp from the Moundville Archaeological Park, click here. 

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