T.S. Marco Expected to Hit Louisiana Coast, Laura Could Too

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This weekend our attention has been on the development of Tropical Storm Marco and Laura.  Tons of variables and anticipation building as both systems make a rare back-to-back landfall scenario.  As of right now, Marco will arrive first on Monday and then potentially followed by Laura on Wednesday.  What does this mean for us in Alabama, here are my thoughts:

Details on Marco

  • Still a strong tropical storm.
  • Nearing hurricane strength as it crosses the southeastern Gulf of Mexico.
  • Projected to develop into a Hurricane.
  • Estimated to pass near or west of New Orleans on Monday during the day.

Marco and possible impacts on Alabama

  • The Mobile area has the possibility for severe weather on Monday
  • Thunderstorm development for South and Southeast Alabama on Monday
  • We are monitoring the potential for active weather to enter Central Alabama Monday night.
  • According to the National Weather Service, “as we work into Monday, look for an overall increase in showers and storms, especially by the afternoon. A lot still rides with the exact path of Marco. Any jog to east or north of the current track would place the southwestern areas of Central Alabama into a tornado threat along with a possible increase in winds through Tuesday.”

Details on Laura

  • Should reach the Gulf of Mexico on Monday afternoon
  • Could reach Hurricane status by Tuesday afternoon/evening

Laura and possible impacts on Alabama

  • Impacts for Alabama are still uncertain. However, if Laura continues on its current path, there could be outer feeder bans from Laura that could reach the Alabama coast.
  • According to the National Weather Service, “details such as this will have to wait for future updates when confidence increases.”

This is an excellent reminder that we are in the peak of hurricane season until the end of September, but the overall hurricane season doesn’t end until November 30th.  The Facebook page for the National Weather Service Birmingham office encourages us all that “now is a good time to check your emergency supplies and ensure you are well prepared as we continue further into hurricane season.”

(Source) For more from the National Weather Service, click here.  For more from the Facebook page for the National Weather Service Birmingham, click here. 

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