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Thankfully nobody was killed in this horrific wreck. It happened Wednesday, February 2nd in Milwaukee. The 3 teenagers were in a Jeep that they had stolen the day before.

The police spotted the vehicle around 1:30 PM. The passenger began live streaming the Chase With the driver and another female suspect in the back seat. The Chase ended with with the stolen Jeep striking multiple vehicles and flipping Multiple times. 5 people ended up being hurt  And tens of thousands in property damage. The one bright side like I said is that nobody was killed. But could have very easily been.

The 17 year old driver was arrested and the others involved were transported to a nearby hospital.

What has our society come to to where this is "cool". What would tell a person to live stream a police chase in a stolen vehicle. What good could possibly come of it? How could you be proud of something like that?

Who's to blame? 

Is it the parents? Is it society? Is it school's? Is it Facebook?

Is it Tik-Tok?

I can't tell you but what I can tell you is that something's wrong. it's wrong and the faster we can figure out what it is the better. These kids deserve better. We deserve better. And our country deserves better.

Here are four videos that will take you through the events of that afternoon.

The first video is the aftermath and the arrest, and the last three videos are of the teenagers in the car during the police chase. You can actually see the police behind the stolen jeep as she pans around.





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