At the onset of her position at Stillman College, President Cynthia Warrick began using her skills as a strategist and negotiator to reverse the institution’s downward spiral and breathe new life into the campus and its operations.

Stillman College had been long rumored to have issues with accreditation and finances.  Yet, under Warrick’s leadership, the campus has seen tremendous improvements through advancements in technology, the security of top-notch staff members, and increased community partnerships.

These partnerships not only elevate the college’s stance in the community but also benefit the students by providing opportunities for employment and quality internships.

The latest of these developments is the addition of three new members to the college’s Board of Trustees, and one of the names of the newly-minted members looks quite familiar.

Dennis Driver, Chair of Stillman's Board of Trustees, announced that James D. Anderson, Katie Boyd Britt and Terry Saban are joining the Board. Their three-year term is set to begin in November of this year.

Each of these members brings a vast array of professional and philanthropic experiences, which can help Stillman propel to newer heights in preparing students for their careers, growing and maintaining the college’s business relationships, and in recruitment and fundraising efforts.

"I look forward to working with and learning from these three respected professionals," Warrick said in a press release. "Their commitment to and passion for fostering academic excellence; to providing opportunities for diverse populations; and to unwavering community engagement are well known."

Anderson currently serves as the Dean of the College of Education at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. He took over the position in 2017 when he also served as the Edward William and Jane Marr Gutgsell Professor of History of American Education. According to the press release, Anderson is "a longtime leader in the National Academy of Education," and "is an internationally-recognized and groundbreaking scholar in the history of African American education and school achievement in the U.S."

Britt was born in Enterprise, Alabama, about three hours southeast of Tuscaloosa. She was named the first female president and CEO of the Business Council of Alabama in January 2019, the youngest person to hold the title. The release indicated that Britt has spent the last 10 years working "in a number of senior positions in the office of Senator Richard Shelby in Washington, D.C." Prior to this, Britt served as the youngest press secretary in the Senate.

While the Sabans may be a household name for sports fanatics worldwide, Mrs. Terry's organizational and business work is not to be overshadowed by her husband's coaching abilities. The release states that Saban co-founded the Nick's Kids Foundation, "a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to helping children, teachers, students, and family initiatives." She currently serves as CEO of Nick's Kids. Additionally, Saban "co-chairs fundraising efforts for St. Francis Church and its new Saban Student Center."

"I have admired Anderson, Britt, and Saban by reputation for many years. Their appointment broadens the Stillman intellectual base and demonstrates the board's commitment to the College's core values."

Along with Driver and the three new additions mentioned above, Stillman College's Board of Trustees is comprised of the following:

  • Sarah Harte
  • Taroue Brooks
  • Tami Jackson Brucker
  • Donald Comer
  • Devarieste Curry
  • Charles M. Durham
  • Ronald Falls Jr.
  • Joe Hampton
  • Gerry L. Hargrove
  • Brian C. Henderson
  • Daniel Martin
  • Alex McCrary
  • Albert Morris
  • Henry Ed Nelson
  • Samory Pruitt
  • Shelia Smith
  • Theresa Spralling
  • Tony Suber
  • Leslie Turner
  • John Templeton
  • Jan Albert
  • Michael Bailey
  • Sean Toney

The additional Board members hope to bring their individual talents to a team that looks to ensure that the doors of Stillman College remain open and effective for generations to come.

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