Admittedly, for the past two weeks or so, people have had a hard time getting in touch with me. This is because the charging port on my phone has broken, making it impossible for me to charge my phone. I've purchased two external charging pads, and both of them stopped working within days. So, it goes without saying that I need to get a new phone.

While it has been quite inconvenient for those attempting to reach me, it hasn't bothered me much because my family has another number by which they can contact me. There's just one problem with it, though...

The person who previously had this number must have made quite the enemy in someone. Why do I say that? A few times a week, I get text messages from email addresses saying things like "I'm looking for a new friend," followed by a link; or "I think you're cute. Do you think I am?" A link follows that one, too.

Now, I'm no rocket scientist, but either someone is upset with the previous owner of this number and has signed him up on adult websites using his (old) phone number, he's upset that he lost this number and is signing up for websites using it, or hackers have gotten even worse.

Is this only happening to me? I know that unsolicited calls are coming through on my daughter's phone as well, but these are texts. Does anyone have a clue of what I can do about them?

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