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The 1 Thing I Wish the City of Tuscaloosa Would Do This Holiday

I’ve been full-on holiday season mode since November 1st. Excessive, yes. But, it’s me, and I love everything Christmas.

This year, I feel like we need even more holiday cheer than in years past. Frankly, due to the pandemic for some of us, it has been challenging, stressful, lonely, scary, and the list goes on. Seriously, I could go on.

I was driving around this past weekend. Of course, I was holiday jammin’ to St. Nick 97.5. (No, car sideswipes this trip.) Click here for that dramatic story. And realized the city didn’t have much Christmas décor up. Like, none.

There was something that I really loved about the holiday times when I lived in Pelham, Alabama. They hung lighted holiday novelty displays around the city. Almost every light pole has this cheerful presence. At night, the city glows with holiday cheer, not in individual sections but all over Pelham.

Pelham Holiday Decorations
Sherri Clark, Townsquare Media

I really wish we had that here in Tuscaloosa.

Christmas lights help promote a festive spirit. I don’t have any facts on that, but it’s my gut feeling. And my mother said so. (Insert laughter here.)

I could see the light poles down McFarland and lighted up with Christmas Bows and Holiday gift boxes. Skyland could have beautiful mounted Christmas Trees and Mistletoe. 15th Street could have Wreaths and Stockings.

I think pole mounted Christmas Decorations could help spread some “Fa la la la la, la la la la (fa la la la la, la la la la.”

It is a dream, I know. It probably costs tons of money to purchase the decorations. Also, the electricity to run them (if they were solar-powered, that would be another story). Maybe one day. Until then, I will enjoy the Christmas Tree in my office and at home!

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