The Bama Belle has been a fixture on The Black Warrior River since 2001. However, the boat is in danger of shutting down it's engines for good if it doesn't start becoming more profitable.

Thus, in an effort to help bring in more revenue, The Bama Belle has begun hosting bar hours during the week when it isn't sailing.

Bama Belle owner Craig Dodson says that the boat is most profitable when it gets used for private rentals, parties, and events. However, for weekend walk-up cruises, there isn't much interest from the public. Thereby making The Bama Belle unprofitable. Dodson told The Tuscaloosa News, " We’re going to give it one more year and see if we can’t make some money.” He also added, “With the general public, we just don’t get any response. Everybody loves this boat, they want to see it going up and down the river. But they want see it from the bank.” 

Therefore, to offset the costs of running the boat, the idea for hosting bar hours during the week was born. Concerning the bar hours, Dodson revealed that those are held from 4p-8p, and sometimes even longer if people are having a good time.

Of course, it's bread and butter, are rentals for private events. Dodson says, "Anything you can do on the ground, you can do on the boat.

Therefore, if you would like to rent out The Bama Belle for your next social gathering, you can make your reservations by calling 205-275-0560, or you can visit The Bama Belle’s website at

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