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The Perfect Stocking Stuffers from Alabama to LSU Fans

So I hear that LSU fans are still pretty salty from the loss to Alabama this past weekend. The Alabama Crimson Tide remains undefeated! Winning 55 to 17 against the LSU Tigers, who are the defending national champions!

Since it is the countdown to Christmas! Are you team naughty or team nice? If you are team naughty, these perfect stocking stuffers from Alabama to LSU fans are for you. Nothing like football pettiness. Especially in Alabama.

I plan on doing some football-themed stockings this year. I have a die-hard LSU fan on my list. Throw in that I can be a tad bit petty on the subject of football, at times. I feel like stocking stuffers should follow suit.

I could see why LSU fans might be upset. If you got one in your life, here are some perfect stocking stuffers.

LSU Stocking Stuffers

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