Sometimes silly rules exist. This is one of them.

Snowball fights are a staple of the holiday season. For some in the south, not many have taken part in them, mainly because it doesn't snow a lot down here. But let's be honest, traffic would CHAOS down here in Tuscaloosa so maybe it's better that it doesn't snow as often. Regardless, when snow falls, it prompts the urge to make a snowball and pelt an unsuspecting friend with one, thus starting the fight.

However in Severance, Colorado, Snowball fights were illegal! Yes you read that right. Throwing snowballs was not allowed! However, a young boy named Dane Best set out to fix this. According to The Coloradoan, the young Best presented his case to the town board. With help from both his mother and his classmates, Dane's pitch worked, and the rule was struck down, effective immediately. Dane became the first person to throw a snowball legally, and his little brother was the second person to throw one legally.

We need to mention Dane was only 9! He's already showing great maturity at such a young age. Have fun throwing snowballs buddy! After all you're the reason it's beginning in your town!

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