If you've been away from the internet this week, then you've probably missed this.

The Escambia County, Florida Sheriff’s Office has been bombarded with comments and  shares, after posting the above mugshot this past Tuesday on their Facebook page.

The suspect, 31-year-old Charles Dion McDowell was booked on several charges, including fleeing/eluding police and drug possession with intent to deliver. However, it wasn't the crimes that McDowell allegedly committed, to gain him instant notoriety. What grabbed everyone's attention was McDowell's mugshot....I mean, look at this Dude's NECK!

Within 24 hours, the sheriff's office had more than 161,000 comments, and 167,000 shares...and it's still climbing! All because of his NECK! 

In fact, it's difficult NOT to say anything about his NECK! It's impossible to resist! So, after after seeing THIS mugshot, I've been inspired to come up with a few quips of my own. Here are just a few off the top of my head, (which as you know is just above my NECK).....Anyway Enjoy!

11) He likes to drink beer out of the bottle.....Long NECKS of course.

10) He's got a great lawyer....I believe he'll be out of jail by NECKS week!

9) Hey, I grew up with this guy....he's from my NECK of the woods!

7) He might be in jail, but his NECK is definitely still AT LARGE!

6) "Well, the NECKS thing ya know ol' Jed's a millionaire"

5) Good thing they caught him and got him off the streets....There's no telling what sort of crime he might have committed NECKS!

4) It could've been worse. The cops could've apprehended him while he was NECKked!

3) I hear that his favorite College Head Football Coach is NECK Saban!

2) I'd say that Auburn's chances of beating Alabama in this year's Iron Bowl are NECKS to nothing!

1) He's really not a bad guy. Every year at the company Christmas Party, he dresses up in costume and plays the part of St. NECK!

And a BONUS for you).....Whenever he's in Tuscaloosa, he insists on listening to his favorite radio station......NECK 97.5!





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