Alabama is home to a lot of good eats and food items that are a staple in the Yellowhammer state. Someone should really add this snack to the list of Bama favorites.

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Can you name a few of Alabama’s favorite food items that are unique to the state? The first thing that comes to mind is Golden Flake chips. You literally see them everywhere in the state! It’s for good reason because the chips taste good.

There was only one time where I see a questionable Golden Flake product. To this day, I’m still confused about its reason for creation but I guess it’s not for me to know.

My go-to Golden Flake snack is pork skins. It’s the true southerner in me that craves. I can’t just have any bag of skins; it has to be the sweet heat barbeque pork skins. It’s just something about them.

While I was enjoying a bag the other day, I went into deep thought. The delicious crunch of the pork skins sent me into a rabbit hole of ideas for Golden Flake. I started to imagine the ideal flavor of pork skins that would represent the state of Alabama. After a few minutes, the best idea in the world hit me.

Why not create a Conecuh sausage-flavored pork skins?!

I know, I know, it’s not the healthiest idea around but it sure would taste amazing. Who doesn’t love Conecuh sausage?!

I need you to let me know, am I going too far, or could this really be a flavor you’d like to try? Send me your answers inside the chat feature of our free app.

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