What's that one food that you said you'd never eat? Are there any exceptions? This Tuscaloosa kitchen made me enjoy food I said I'd never try again.

Let me start off by saying how amazing my wife is. She cooks most of the meals, takes care of the house, and takes care of our son while I'm at work. There are some days where she just doesn't feel like cooking. On those days, I completely understand. Everyone gets tired and is entitled to rest and be catered to. On those days I'll cook or we'll just order out.

This particular day, she picked the restaurant we would go to. I should say she would go because she wanted to go pick up the food. She came back home with bags of food and I was happy to have something to eat. After making sure she ate and enjoyed her food, I grabbed my bag and begin to eat my food.

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When I looked in the bag, I couldn't believe what she had gotten me. This was the one food I said I HATE eating. So many people love this food but I can not stand to eat it. The bad thing was that there was nothing else to eat. The choices were slim to none. I could eat this food, or go hungry. Leaving to get food from another place wasn't an option. I wasn't going to let the money or food go to waste.

Here I am, staring down the food I said I'd never try again ready to take the first bite. I dip the pita bread and take my bite. It wasn't as bad as I thought. I tried a second bite and I actually liked it.

Many bites later and I'm loving this meal. I couldn't believe it. This restaurant has completely changed my mind and I really want to go back to grab some more.

The meal was completely vegetarian, and the name of the restaurant rhymes with snowy. Can you guess what restaurant it is? Can you guess the meal?

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