The other day, I was watching the news, and the morning news anchors were giggling about a video of a Toddler doing a belly flop. I just caught the end of the story, therefore I had just missed it. So, when I got the chance, I googled it, and found the video they were laughing about.

The video takes place in Asheville, North Carolina, where Corina Casanova, and her two sons, are standing on the edge of the pool ready to dive in. Corina demonstrates to them how to dive in properly, and executes a flawless dive into the pool. (I would give it a "9" on style points). Next, the older of the two sons dives into the pool with a dive not as graceful as his Mom's, but since he's learning, we give him a "B" for effort. Finally, the little boy named Deacon, musters up the courage to dive into the pool, and when he does, he performs what could be one of the FINEST Belly Flops EVER! This Kid is a LEGEND! Check it out for yourself....

Awesome job, Deacon! You're my Hero!:-)

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