UPDATE: Word is that American Treasure, a 60-song box set, will arrive on Sept. 28. It is expected to be comprised of previously unreleased live and studio recordings from throughout Petty's career. Click here for the full story.

Tom Petty fans are speculating over the meaning of a countdown clock that appeared on his website, with a zero date of 10AM ET on July 11.

Petty, who died last October, had been considering a tour based on his 1994 solo album Wildflowers, which has only ever been available as a single disc, and not the double-length version he wanted to release. His manager confirmed negotiations had started with some artists Petty wanted to be involved in the tour.

“That album was really about sound in a big way," Petty said a few months before his death. "I would like to go out there and perform the entire album as it was originally conceived with all of the songs. ... Nobody has ever done something like this, where you’re previewing the second part of a never-released album. How often does that happen? It’s old and new at the same time.”

After the countdown clock was revealed on Facebook, some fans noted that the illustration of Petty appeared to come from the Wildflowers era. “Please be unreleased music from Wildflowers .... the anticipation is so intense,” one fan wrote. “This would be so awesome,” another agreed.

Meanwhile, a 1965 Gibson SG electric guitar owned by Petty will be auctioned on July 21, with proceeds from the sale to benefit two Southern California charities – one for the homeless and one for animal rescue. The instrument was used on his 1986 tour with Bob Dylan, and was later sold to his friend, Norm Harris, who’s selling it along with one of the late artist’s top hats, which Petty had worn in a Traveling Wilburys video. Heritage Auctions estimated that the lot would sell for at least $300,000.



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