Top 5 Severe Weather Safety Tips

All of the listening areas for our Townsquare Media Tuscaloosa radio stations have the potential for severe weather on Saturday, January 11, 2020.  We want you to be aware, prepared, and safe.  Here are the top five severe weather safety tips that I have collected over the years of providing weather safety tips to our communities.  1) Know your safe place.  2) Cover-Up. 3) Put your shoes on. 4) Know they counties that surround you.  5) Charge your cell phone.

#1Know your safe place at home, work, apartment, public venue, mall, hotel, restaurants, etc.  According to the National Weather Service, “get as far into the middle of the building as possible.”  Also, get to the lowest floor as possible.  Underground is ideal.  Please understand that mobile homes are not safe during severe weather events, especially ones that have high wind events or tornadoes.  Bathrooms, Closets, Hallways, and under the stairs are good safe places.  I always recommend that you have somewhere where the door opens up into the room.  So, if debris is in front of the door, you won’t have issues opening the door.

#2 – When seeking shelter, be sure to cover up.  According to the National Weather Service, “Flying and falling debris are a storm's number one killer.  Use pillows, blankets, coats, helmets, etc. to cover up and protect your head and body from flying debris.”

#3 – If you must seek shelter, please be sure to put your shoes ON.  I know that sounds a tab bit crazy but most often people when they get home, they kick off their shoes.  During the April 2011 tornadoes, I encouraged listeners to put their shoes on before seeking shelter.  If you are caught in an area with severe damage, your feet will be protected and you won’t have to walk on glass or other sharp objects.  A listener later told me she took the advice of putting on shoes, and she was grateful because her area was hit hard and her family was ok to walk on the debris while her neighbors could not.

#4 – It’s important to know the counties that surround the county you live in because that can help you be far more prepared.

#5 – Make sure your cell phones are charged and that you have a battery backup that you keep with you.  I also suggest when taking shelter, if time permits, send a quick text someone to let them know where you are located.

Please be weather aware this Saturday.  I kindly ask that you, please have a reliable way to receive weather warnings.  Our station’s app is a great resource, especially if you sign up for breaking news and weather alerts.  Also, having a battery-operated radio is a great idea too! - @MaryKRadio - Weather Reporter

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