Alabama and Georgia are set to square off this Saturday in Atlanta. In a matchup of teams that know each other all too well, anticipation is rising. Another item that is skyrocketing besides excitement is of course ticket prices.

As both teams are excellent on the field, this results in an upsurge in prices. Looking at Ticketmaster reveals prices start as low as $328. The highest price?

$4,000 for four front-row seats. That doesn't include food or parking for those wondering.

This isn't so much surprising as standard for college football, especially for the SEC. When I checked other games, like the Big 12 Championship, prices were definitely lower. Prices for the matchup started at $80 for the meeting between Baylor and Oklahoma State.

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That game features a top ten matchup as well, and yet prices aren't as high. The ACC Championship isn't pulling many buyers for tickets, with prices starting at $46.

All of this is to say, Alabama and Georgia will clearly be the matchup everybody will be watching. The game has a lot of implications for both sides.

For Alabama, it's simply the only way they get into the College Football Playoff. A loss will delegate them to at least a New Year's Day bowl game.

As for Georgia, it's a chance to knock off Alabama, who's been a rather pain in the side for the past few years, and claim their first SEC Title since 2017.

All this talk has certainly made me want to go to the game. But there's one problem... does anybody have a spare ticket?

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