The Tuscaloosa Police Department discovered more than five pounds of marijuana in a wrecked car that was searched when officers realized a passenger inside had been shot.

According to court documents filed Monday, officers were called to the intersection of McFarland Boulevard and 13th Street around 4:20 Friday afternoon on an automotive accident.

When they arrived, though, they found a passenger in one of the vehicles involved in the wreck had been shot.


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The multi-agency Violent Crimes Unit took over the scene, and investigators reported the strong smell of marijuana coming from the crashed car.

A search allegedly yielded four large vacuum-sealed bags filled with weed, and the entire haul weighed more than five pounds.

The driver of the vehicle, 28-year-old James Manley Spencer III, was charged with trafficking marijuana, a Class A felony. He was placed in the Tuscaloosa County Jail and remained there Tuesday morning pending a $500,000 bond.

A spokesperson for the Tuscaloosa Police Department said investigators believe the shooting took place somewhere on Highway 69 South around 1 p.m.

The victim suffered wounds that police do not believe are life-threatening.

No charges related to the shooting have yet been filed.

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