I will be the first to admit that patience is not my strong suit. So, I try to work on it or don’t put myself in situations that challenge my patience. However, when it comes to other people and their lack of patience, it drives me nuts. Totally wrong, I know, but it is what it is.

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As we all know, the Forest Lake “Tuscaloosa Ducks” is the cutest animal next to Big Al. Tuscaloosa would not be Tuscaloosa without these adorable creatures. How can anyone be mean to the ducks? The thought is absolutely ridiculous. I’ve heard the horror stories but never experienced it first hand until the other day.


(Confession) I was in the drive-through at Cookout when I was supposed to be working on my diet and exercise, but it was a weak moment. I had to have a watermelon milkshake. I mean, it is July, and it is a rite of passage; no summer can start with that a watermelon shake from Cookout. But on to more important things, my OUTRAGE!!!!!!!!!

While at Cookout, it is always a pleasure to see the “Tuscaloosa Ducks.” This particular day there were tons of ducks, like a duck parade. I enjoyed it.

Then, I zeroed in a mama duck and all her little ducklings’ travel from the grassy area through the drive-thru exit space towards the front of Cookout. Adorable until this dude who just got his food and was headed out had to stop for the duck parade.

Instead of enjoying this moment of peace, ole’ dude started to rev his engine something fierce. It was loud, obnoxious, and screamed of ego. I wish I knew who it was so that I could call his mama.

This commotion startled the ducklings, and they started to scatter out of the line, and the poor mama duck had to get shimmy around getting them back in line. Even though it sucked, it was fascinating to watch her work.


If he had hit the mama duck and ducklings, I swear I would have called the police because I could see his tag number clearly. I wish there were a law of some sort law to protect the ducks.

FYI Driver, they are ducks and will do duck things.

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