A renowned local doctor is urging Tuscaloosans to wear personal protective equipment in an effort to prevent the spread of the novel Coronavirus.

Dr. Ramesh Peramsetty posted in the West Alabama COVID-19 information group on Facebook Wednesday, May 20th, asking members to consider wearing PPE like face masks.

"Did you know that frontline responders-doctors, nurses, police, firefighters etc, have LOWER infection rates than the general public? It seems unbelievable as these responders are having direct contact with COVID patients. However, the reason for this is because the frontline responders are wearing PPE," Dr. Peramsetty said.

"Please please please wear masks while out in public and stay home as much as possible," he added.

The Alabama Department of Public Health reports 431 confirmed cases of the novel Coronavirus in Tuscaloosa County and 183 of those confirmed cases were reported in the past 14 days. Statewide, the ADPH has confirmed 13,052 cases of COVID-19 with an increase of 4,373 confirmed cases added in the past two weeks.

Montgomery County now has 994 confirmed cases, and the Montgomery Advertiser reports that hospitals within the county are down to just one bed in Intensive Care Units and are now sending patients to Birmingham for treatment.

Alabama State Health Officer Dr. Scott Harris also noted that Alabamians should be especially cognizant of the threat of the novel Coronavirus.

“The whole country is moving toward opening up. Generally speaking, the health numbers by themselves warn us that we’ve got to be extremely careful,” Harris said.

“If you are a senior or if you have chronic health problems, it doesn’t matter whether the businesses are open again, you need to protect yourself. The danger has not gone away,” he said.

You can prevent the spread of COVID-19 through regular handwashing, wearing PPE, and staying home when possible.

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