A local man with a self-professed "underwear fetish" has been placed on house arrest and ordered to wear an ankle monitor, after being accused of attacking women and attempting to remove their panties.

John Everett Threadgill, 19, is currently out on $45,000 bond from the Tuscaloosa County Jail, after being charged with first-degree sexual abuse and second-degree burglary.

According to Tuscaloosa Police reports, Threadgill, who is a U of A Student, attempted to pull down a woman's shorts while jogging near campus on Monday. In addition, he allegedly broke into another woman's house and confiscated her underwear.

Threadgill later admitted to investigators, that he had a ‘fetish’ and was attempting to remove women’s panties for personal sexual gratification.

Since the arrest, Threadgill has been banned from the University Of Alabama campus. He's also been ordered to remain on house arrest and wear an ankle monitor. Furthermore, he is expected to undergo a mental health evaluation this week.

Law enforcement officials also revealed that they had received reports over the last month and a half, about a man attempting to remove women’s underwear as they walked or jogged alone in areas around Jack Warner Parkway, Queen City Avenue and 12th and 13th streets.

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