Ministers from across Tuscaloosa County have joined together in this time of crisis to release a statement on justice for the African-American community.

The public is invited to join the Tuscaloosa County Ministers for Biblical Justice as they announce their statement at noon today (Wednesday, June 3rd) on the steps of the Tuscaloosa County Courthouse located off Greensboro Road in downtown Tuscaloosa. The program is expected to last about 15 minutes and will be followed by a time of community prayer.

Last week, a group of white pastors initiated a conversation with some black pastors in the greater Tuscaloosa area. This group of more than a dozen pastors felt a need to speak out for Biblical Justice for African Americans and people of color. Together they worked out a statement that reflects their united faith in Christ and speaks to our country and community. Other pastors across the area have joined in signing the statement.

Christians from every ethnicity are invited to join in solidarity at this important time in the life of our country and city. It is time to stand together for Biblical Justice for all.

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Tuscaloosa Peaceful Racial Justice Rally

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