The state of Alabama is slowly reopening and that means the community is looking forward to events hosted in Tuscaloosa. Luckily, Tuscaloosa Tourism & Sports has scheduled some events for us to enjoy.

Tuscaloosa Tourism & Sports’ Director of Sports, Stan Adams has secured 15 events for Tuscaloosa all between June and October. This is amazing news for not only the community but for the economy. It's estimated that the economic impact of these 15 events could be anywhere from 7.5 to 8 million dollars. As more teams and events are scheduled, that estimate could increase. The list of scheduled events ranges from baseball tournaments to bowling and even a golf tournament. The first scheduled event is set to kick-off as early as June 18th. Check out the full list of the scheduled events so far.

  • RISE Golf Tournament, June 18-19
  • Grandslam Baseball, June 20-21
  • Open State Bowling Tournament, June 20-21
  • USA Softball, June 26-28
  • Clash at the Capstone, June 27
  • Open State Bowling Tournament, June 27-28
  • Grandslam Baseball, June 27-28
  • USFA, July 4-5
  • Grandslam Baseball, July 11-12
  • USSSA Baseball, July 17-19
  • Grandslam Baseball, August 1-2
  • Last Round Softball, August 14-16
  • Grandslam Baseball, August 29-30
  • USSSA Softball, September 5
  • USSSA Softball, October 3-4

There is no doubt these events will bring some well-needed action to the city of Tuscaloosa. Who could argue with the return of live sports in town? Tuscaloosa Tourism & Sports President & CEO Don Staley spoke on the work of his team in the midst of COVID-19 “I’m proud of my entire staff for the work they did from home while under quarantine. The activity that we are seeing on the sports side of our organization has been truly incredible. This falls right in line with the actions we wanted to take to activate Restart Tuscaloosa.” We will be sure to keep you updated as more events are added to the schedule. Make sure you download our app to stay updated on the go.

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