The man with many billboards in Alabama has offered help to many in the state. Recently after the trash throwing debacle in Tennessee, Shunarrah offered counsel to Lane Kiffin and the Ole Miss Rebels.

But now the well-known lawyer has turned his sights to helping a certain group of fans. Specifically, Alabama Crimson Tide fans.

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Nick Saban took time in his postgame presser to address the media while he and his players were answering questions about their win over Georgia. Saban has had some contentious moments with the press in the past, but this one was more lighthearted.

Saban's comments to the media about the "rat poison" have since set off multiple reactions, and Shunnarah has chimed in with his response:

And to say this isn't a perfect response would be absolutely rude to the lawyer. How does Shunnarah come up with these responses?

He even posted about the infamous emotional support monkey predicament the University of Texas found themselves in:

Shunnarah has constantly shown his ability to keep up with the time of social media. This is probably very important because any social post can go viral at any time in this day and age.

But to be honest, shouldn't he be offering help to Georgia fans instead of Alabama fans? I mean they were the ones that came into the game undefeated. Maybe the rat poison got to Georgia more?

I'm possibly overthinking this one though. Regardless of whoever was affected by the rat poison, Shunnarah would've offered help either way right?

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