If you’re still unsure about your Halloween costume plans, have no fear. Take a look at our list of iconic Tuscaloosa-specific costumes bound to get some chuckles at your next upcoming Halloween party.

Nick Saban

Obviously, this has to be the first one on our list. You know him, you love him, you worship him.

Nick Saban is the biggest celebrity in the Tuscaloosa area and within the college football scene. Year after year he leads our home team to victory, so why not be him for Halloween?

Grab your favorite Alabama polo, a pair of khakis, and a brown belt. If you’re really committed, head over to one of the many local Alabama merchandise stores and grab his famous Script A straw hat.

Big Al

Everyone around town knows about this fun, friendly elephant. Get an elephant ear, tail, and trunk set off Amazon, throw on your favorite Alabama shirt and you’re done.

It’s cheap, and you can even wear it to your next game-day if you’re a true fan.

T-Town Python

If you’re a fan of niche, T-Town memes, I’m sure this one is for you.

If you’re unaware, two years ago a large yellow python was on the loose (and still is…), leading many to make funny memes about its whereabouts. One big fan even made a Twitter account dedicated to the snake, roleplaying as it too.

If you’re looking to go the homemade route, grab a bright yellow shirt, paint a white outline in a yellow python-esque pattern and get your Halloween started.

Traffic Cone

Of course, everyone in Tuscaloosa is familiar with this infamous symbol. With the constant, never-ending construction going on around town, you’re bound to get a few laughs with this satirical costume.

Grab the brightest orange shirt and pants you can find and if you can’t find any, go to America’s Thrift! Then, cut some eye holes in a cheap traffic cone and you’re set.

Or, you can just get a traffic cone costume shipped from Target.

Fake ID

Grab a big poster board, make it look like an ID, and mess up all the info (Birthday February 30th, from Hawaii, make your name "McLovin," etc.). This is definitely one staple in Tuscaloosa you can creatively make fun of for Halloween.

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