Here's some good news for students of the University of Alabama and parents of students. It's officially been announced that the Board of Trustees approved freezing tuition for undergraduate and graduate programs for the upcoming 2020-2021 academic year.

I'm sure with everything happening in the midst of COVID-19, this is a much-needed break for students and a lot of families. There have been students displaced, not sure if they'd be able to return for the next year, and so many other issues financially that has affected the student body. Stuart R. Bell, President Of the University of Alabama spoke about the decision. "There’s a lot of uncertainty in the world right now, and we want to reassure our students that we remain steadfast in providing a quality educational experience. With the support of our board of trustees and Chancellor Finis St. John, we continue to keep costs down while still providing transformational educational experiences."

As a college graduate myself, I understand the struggle of making sure you have tuition covered year after year. I even had a band scholarship but still had to use other means to ensure my tuition was covered. This is the fourth consecutive year that the University of Alabama tuition will remain the same for residents. The University of Alabama is a major contributor to the state of Alabama's workforce, graduating more students than any other college in the state. According to the school's website, within the past year, they have awarded more than 9,500 degrees.



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