A new season of Crimson Tide Football starts this weekend, and if you're like I am, there's only thing you dread about Bama's return to the big screen: TV sports dudes. 

Alabama's game against Louisville will be on ABC, which means we'll more than likely get Kirk Herbstreit and Chris Fowler. I am not mad at either one of these, tbh, as both of these guys are nowhere near as bad as my sports nemesis and #1 offender of 'disrepectin' the Tide,' CBS' Gary Danielson.


This isn't about which sportcasters suck, this is about how to tune them out when you're watching the Tide roll. In order to make this lifehack work, you're going to need two things: 1) a TV and 2) a radio.

You'll notice the TV signal is a bit slower than the radio signal, but hey, pretend Eli is psychic. It's still better than Gary Danielson, and if you wear one of those tiny in-ear radios, you can act like you know which play Saban's going to call before it goes down.


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