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Did you see the video? After the Bama Texas A&M game, A&M fans rushed the field as they had just won the national championship. Alabama wins & nobody rushes the field. There’s no pandemonium. It's just another Saturday in the SEC. A team beats Bama, and they go crazy & rush the field, then behave as they've never been there before.
When it comes to beating Alabama, most of them have never been there before.

After Saturday's game against Texas A&M fans were running onto the field risking their safety and the safety of players and coaches. One Texas A&M female fan learns the hard way why you don't rush the field after a game.

Coach Saban and his state trooper escort were trying to get off the field when a female fan is seen on video getting in the way of coach Saban's escort.
The female fan was knocked down and it was all caught on camera by Dee Jackson of CBS 42.

See the video and the knockdown at the 45-second mark.

Alex Byington commented on Facebook that this was the best defensive play Alabama had all night at Kyle Field.

Those Alabama State Troopers are there to protect Nick Saban post-game. It appears they certainly do their job well.

Texas A&M will be fined $250,000 for rushing the field after beating Alabama.

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