Who's ready to smile this Christmas?

I love living in West Alabama, but, of late all we hear about is another shooting.

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Two mornings this week, including today, someone was shot in Tuscaloosa.

If that's not enough, we all heard about the house explosion this week claiming another life. Who's ready for some good news? Well, if this doesn't make you smile, giggle, laugh, snicker, chuckle, grin, crack up, snort or experience some merriment and/or mirth (never had a chance to use those words before) I give up until 2022.

Meet the crew from First United Methodist Church.

God love John and his angelic singing voice.

Evidence exists on several websites (that frighten me a tad bit to provide a link, you might have to do your own research ) that the star of this video hit, is from Haigwood, Alabama.

Haigwood? Ever heard of it? Well, it’s a couple hours from Tuscaloosa.

Yeah, I know what you’re thinking.

The SOUTH has done it again!

Enjoy the video below and Merry Christmas to all!

How about that? How did that make you feel?

Yeah, the phenomenon started years ago yet he still is the subject of worldwide memes and multiple remixes.


This is one of my favorite starring my favorite "American Idol" judge.

Yes, if only Simon would have truly come face to face with John Daker in real life.

Some web sleuths have tried to find out if John is alive in 2021, and it is not clear cut. The life and death of John Daker is another celebrity tale full of intrigue, booze and wild women. I completely made that up.

However, I hope John enjoyed the fruits of his massive viral stardom. If you are new to the Daker fan club like myself, let's just sit back and enjoy this ride on the John Daker express.

God Bless us, everyone!

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