Tuscaloosa Mayor Walt Maddox officially named University of Alabama graduate Brendan Moore the City of Tuscaloosa's Chief Operations Officer Wednesday.

The City of Tuscaloosa posted the announcement stating that Moore will serve as Chief Operations Officer effective immediately. In the announcement made by the city, Maddox spoke on the city's new COO saying, “He has proven time and time again that he has the knowledge and skillset to succeed in his new role as Chief Operations Officer.”

Mayor Maddox's decision for the City of Tuscaloosa's Chief Operations Officer was also posted on Facebook. Many Tuscaloosa residents sent their congratulations to Brendan Moore on his new position in the comments. Other comments weren't so welcoming.

One comment stated," Another appointed position for another yes man to Walt." Another comment said, "Wait a minute, isn’t that the job that was recently awarded to Jarrod Milligan? What happened to Jared?"

A Facebook page by the name of Sunshine on City Hall known for posting opinions on the City of Tuscaloosa made a post about the city's newest addition.

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The post questioned the purpose of the Chief Operations Officer's job, "Anyone who didn’t see this one coming is as blind as a bat. What is this job for, exactly? Unclear."

The post went on to say, "Most city operations fall under IPS. This job description included economic development in its duties (which was already a duty of the Director of Urban Development—same employee). And it is unclear who reports to this new department head. And “project oversight”…which projects? All projects? And this new position does PR work?"


According to the City of Tuscaloosa's release, Moore’s specializations include economic development, civic innovation, and strategic management. Recently, in a partnership with The University of Alabama, he co-invented a technology to address blight and code violations, the announcement said.

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