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The Tuscaloosa Police Department is looking for a couple of suspected phone theft bandits. The two people pictured are suspected of stealing a phone that a man accidentally left sitting on an arcade game at Shindig.

The cellphone theft might seem petty, but as a past phone theft victim if it’s your phone it is not. The phone theft victim says that he forgot his phone after playing a game around 5:30 pm last Tuesday, according to the Tuscaloosa Police Department. There is video surveillance showing a woman pick up the phone and ask around to find the phone owner.

The people photographed claimed it was theirs. It was not. The Tuscaloosa Police Department asked that if you can help identify the suspects, please contact the Tuscaloosa police department at 205-349-2121.

Finally, never leave your phone out of your sight. It can be a pain to replace with all of your contact info, pics, and more.

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