Bob Seger has released a lyric video for “I Knew You When,” the title track from his latest album, which is dedicated to his late friend Glenn Frey of the Eagles. While the background to most scenes of the video, above, features images of Seger through the years, the final scene shows the two together.

I Knew You When was released last year and the expanded edition included “Glenn Song,” below, a direct tribute to Frey, marking how they’d grown up together in the Detroit music scene of the ‘60s. “"I knew him for 50 years," Seger told Billboard soon after Frey’s death in 2016. “He was a great kid. I always kind of thought of him as my baby brother, a little bit. He was f---ing brilliant. He was a joy to be around. I always looked forward to seeing him. It was always memorable. He had an amazing sense of humor and was just smart, whip-smart."

Seger, 72, is aiming to return to action in the coming weeks after being forced to postpone a run of dates in 2017 when it became clear he required back surgery. “We're kinda looking at mid-March, hoping I'll be up and okay by then," he said in December. “But I just don't know. But we've got to do these 20 [shows] that are outstanding. We have 200,000 tickets out there, so we have to honor that. Those people have been great. They've held on to their tickets all this time, so that's the first thing we've got to do, but I don't know when, exactly. .. They say, 'We can't guarantee it'll ever go away,' but that's what doctors have to say. I think it's gonna be okay, but if it doesn't, I'm done, dude.”

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